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College student looking at University Broadcast Network TV screen. Headline reads, "Your very own cable TV network".

Since 1890, the Daily Utah Chronicle has been the only source for detailed and accurate campus news at the University of Utah. Awarded by the Utah Press Association for its print advertising and campaigns and with a circulation of over 15,000 papers accessing nearly 22,000 students daily, the Daily Utah Chronicle is your voice at the U. The Daily Utah Chronicle serves the University of Utah Campus, producing 160 issues per year.

Last year, the Chronicle was honored with the best new advertising idea by the Utah Press Association, as well as several editorial awards rewarding our primarily student-based staff for their hard work in writing, designing, and producing over 160 issues per year.

The Globe is Salt Lake Community College’s premiere source for campus news. The Globe and the Daily Utah Chronicle have now merged, allowing you to reach 30,000 students per issue. The Globe prints 81 issues per year.

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The Chronicle circulates 15,000 papers, 2,200 of which are distributed outside of the U of U.

  • 97% of students find it easy to get a copy of the Chronicle.
  • 96% of students actively read the Chronicle.
  • 81% of those who do read the Chronicle take the time to read our advertisements.
  • 49% of students read the Chronicle 3+ days a week.
  • 41% read the Chronicle as their only source of campus news.
  • The Chronicle is often read by more than one person, studies show that 2.3 persons read each paper daily.

Chronicle Demographics:

  • 28,000 students
  • 26,000 faculty and staff
  • Average Student Age: 24
    • Under 18: Less than 1%
    • 18-24: 56%
    • 25-34: 32%
    • 35+: 11%

Globe Demographics

  • 65,000 students, faculty, and staff
  • Average Student Age: 26
    • Under 18: 2%
    • 18-24: 58%
    • 25-34: 27%
    • 35+: 13%

94% of Students are Utah residents.

College students at the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College spend $700 million annually.*


Gender Breakdown

male 55%, female 45%

*based on Harris Research/Alloy Media and Marketing